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About Laurie

Laurie Cape is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Lifelong You Counseling and Coaching. She received her Masters of Education in School Counseling from Western Kentucky University and furthered her graduate education in Mental Health Counseling and Organizational Development and Leadership at WKU and Life and Career Counseling and Coaching at Adler Graduate School, in addition to her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Ball State University.


Throughout her diverse career in education, human services and care, leadership, counseling, coaching and consulting, and her personal life and parenting experiences, she discovered her passion for helping other helpers mend their brokenness and care for themselves in order to live a full and abundant life for themselves and to maximize their life’s purpose in serving others.


Laurie draws on her wisdom from her diverse professional experiences in early childhood care to empathetically guide, inspire, encourage and partner with her clients as they journey towards healing.  

Her background includes professional experience in elementary teaching, middle and high school guidance counseling, adult education and mental health services coordination, continued care coordination and group and individual trauma therapy in an inpatient primary treatment. 


Past certifications include Graduate Certificate of Organizational Development and Leadership, Elementary Education certifications in IN, KY and TN, Guidance/School Counseling certifications in KY and TN, and the Child Development Credential in Infants & Toddlers.  

In addition to her experience and degrees, Laurie has had a great deal of professional development trainings from each professional experience she’s been involved in. 


Some notable trainings include Advanced Integrative Therapy, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 2, Level 1 Gottman Couples Therapy, Society for Organizational Learning’s Foundations for Leadership with Peter Senge, PRAISE IEP training, Continuous Improvement at the KY Department of Education, and Go for The Gold Management Training, in addition to many counseling, leadership and education-related continuing education trainings. 

My Approach: How I Help

❀ Experiential therapy (empty chair, inner child, etc.)

❀ Internal Family Systems/”Parts Work” & Family Systems approaches

❀ Emotions-focused healing

❀ Energy-focused healing using Advanced Integrative Therapy

❀ Collaborative, active therapeutic partnership 

❀ Trauma-resolution therapy approaches

❀ Holistic, Mind-body connection and somatic awareness


Q:Why should I consider group counseling or coaching? What’s it like and what are the benefits?

A:What I love about group counseling and coaching is the meta-benefits each person receives. There is a powerful sense of kinship and belonging that adds a powerful boost to the healing elements a client experiences in individual counseling. A common concern for clients is the fear of someone violating their confidentiality, which is of course can happen but often doesn’t when care is taken to establish a sense of mutual trust and safety within the therapeutic environment from the start. Having designated start and end times and a closed group greatly add to the sense of community, belonging and commitment that each group member experiences. Imagine the feeling of knowing there is a seat for you in a group of treasured friends who are all working towards a common yet personal goal of greater happiness and peace in their lives. I bring my experienced and skills as a group therapist to my work at Lifelong You, and have been told I’m talented at building up the safety and trust in the group as well as monitoring and containing confidentiality risks. Feel free to give me a call to discuss this further if you have specific concerns. 

Q:How much do counseling and coaching services cost? Can I afford it? Does Lifelong You take my insurance?

A:Engaging in healing with the support of a counselor or coach is a valuable investment in yourself – in your current and future health – with very big returns on your investment if you actively engage in the process. Lifelong You Counseling and Coaching services cost the same because the nature of the work is equally powerful. Lifelong You Counseling and Coaching Services are a private pay service and we prefer to cut out administrative time to better serve our clients, so we do not bill insurance. However, we are happy to provide clients with documentation that you may submit to your insurance company for an out of network service. Current rates are determined by many factors and those will be discussed during your free 10-minute consultation, along with other details about services and the practice, so please feel free to call for more information. Occasionally, some sliding scale pricing is available for certain clients depending upon financial need and commitment to the healing process, so please ask for this if it is a need for you in your current situation. 

Q:How long will I need help? How does this work?

A:Client needs vary widely, as does their healing pace, their ability to engage in the process and do their own “work”, past therapy experiences, etc. Generally speaking, you can expect to be involved in a therapeutic process for at least three months to between six months and a year. However, it’s also common for someone to continue with a good therapist for a year or two beyond that, for maintenance and continued support for their health. Making a good plan with a guess on the time frame is a joint project between the therapist and the client, and this is started at the beginning of the process, during the first session. Feel free to call for a free consultation to discuss the nature of your healing needs with me if you have more specific questions.


Q:What is Lifelong You’s style? Is Lifelong You a good fit for me? Can Laurie help me?

A:Every person has a different style, and this is also true of therapists. We all have people we like, some we don’t like, and some we are neutral about. Choosing a therapist or coach you feel comfortable with, whom you could trust for guidance and support, is a very important aspect of your healing. Many people find me to be a very kind, personable, relatable healing partner who has equal amounts of wisdom and love for other people. I have a vastly varied professional as well as personal history that I draws upon when helping clients, and many say that it’s my openness in sharing myself that really helps give them courage and inspiration to do their own healing work.


Take a look at the About Laurie section for more information about my approach to therapy and my professional background and qualifications, and of course, feel free to ask me specifically about my credentials if you are seeking specific information.


My Approach
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