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Laurie Cape is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Lifelong You Counseling and Coaching. She received her Masters of Education in School Counseling from Western Kentucky University and furthered her graduate education in Mental Health Counseling and Organizational Development and Leadership at WKU and Life and Career Counseling and Coaching at Adler Graduate School. Throughout her diverse career in education, human services and care, leadership, counseling, coaching and consulting, and her personal life and parenting experiences, she discovered her passion for helping other helpers mend their brokenness and care for themselves in order to live a full and abundant life for themselves and to maximize their life’s purpose in serving others. Laurie draws on her wisdom from her diverse professional experiences in early childhood care, elementary teaching, middle and high school guidance counseling, adult education and mental health services coordination, continued care coordination and group and individual trauma therapy in an inpatient addictions and trauma treatment program to empathetically guide, inspire, encourage and partner with her clients as they journey towards healing.

More Info About My Practice

Laurie offers counseling (individual, couples and group), coaching and consulting services. She specializes in working with women in discovering their current identity and strengths, healing their past woundedness, finding purpose, caring for themselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, and radically transforming their relationships with themselves and others in their personal and work lives. 

Laurie uses a holistic approach to healing for individuals and groups, utilizing an eclectic blend of trauma-informed practices to help clients find their personal power, finish the emotional work of their historical pain, adjust their beliefs, mindsets and behavior to match their vision of success and health.

Groups I Work With

She helps clients work through attachment problems in adulthood that were caused by childhood trauma, empowering them to confront their own challenges while offering the support they need to do this important internal work. This allows clients to gain the ability to care for themselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, resulting in a healthy and productive lifestyle and satisfying, intimate relationships with others. She uses a variety of approaches, including experiential, emotions-focused therapy, Internal Family Systems, advanced integrative therapy, mindfulness and somatic awareness-based, family systems and attachment theory concepts to guide clients towards their unique healing journey.

Her coaching services have the convenience option of being conducted by phone or online. Laurie is also available for speaking presentations, training, and consultations in schools, churches, and businesses on a variety of education and self-improvement topics.


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